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Cheap Seedbox for Torrent from USD$0.19 - No expiry

Good news ! Tired of torrenting files and waiting for the download the be finish ?? Now you can let the seedbox do it for you. This site offer 20gb of storage every month to all users . Besides, this seedbox also sell an extremely cheap price for additional storage as low as USD$0.19 ! This is perfect for those who don't often downloading as it don't have expiry date.  Below are the pricing for each storage.

What is Seedbox?


This limited public beta has all the standard features you need for bittorrent content distribution: 

- Instant setup, simply register and go. 
- Access anywhere via HTTP(S) web gui 
- Upload .torrent files, add magnet links, add direct info hashes, add from URL 
- Unlimited torrents, unlimited disk space for all users, free or paid. 
- Create HTTP download manager-friendly links, download to your PC or share with friends! 
- Simple and prompt support ticketing system, follow us on     twitter #justseed_it 
- Gbit network interface for fast seeding and downloading

Interested ? register below for 20gb data now !!

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Mohiz on March 11, 2014 at 12:04 PM said...

nice Post bro

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